As a contributor to channel marketing program design, development and deployment for several technology companies over the last 25+ years, I have had opportunities as a leader, a follower, an innovator and an imitator.

Now, as Founder and Managing Director of Channel Matters, I hope to bring to market a synthesis of all that I have learned through working with, for and on behalf of leading companies and to continue to work with the best and brightest.   From each experience at companies including AMD, Apple, Cisco, Citrix, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NetApp and Oracle  and many of their fore-runners, I gained valuable lessons about those companies and their inner-workings; about their channel partners; and about myself and the organization I represented at the time.

So what is different about Channel Matters?   I’d like to think it rests on two key differentiators:  Innovation and Integrity.

I’ve been lucky to work on some truly innovative initiatives like the first ever customer satisfaction program in the channel (thanks to IBM) and by taking what others had done before and adding a special touch I’ve had the opportunity to introduce new technologies, methods and concepts from the first ever to use a secured site for event registration and payment to the first ‘global’ rewards program using prepaid debit card to the first partner-t0-partner collaboration platform and rewards currency.

But innovation alone isn’t a guarantor of success.  Neither is measurement but it’s a start. Measurable success has always been at the core of any channel related endeavors; yet the key success metrics were rarely the same from one assignment to the next.

Channel Matters is committed to measuring our success by one, common yardstick: your success.  With each engagement we’ll start by asking you what’s the business problem we’re trying to solve and how will we know if we’re succeeding. We won’t always have the KPI’s identified right away but we’ll have a compass and we’ll know where ‘true north’ is.

But doesn’t every agency or would be supplier promise to measure their success by yours?   And isn’t nearly every supplier site filled with glittering case examples and ROI calculations that seem to come from the sugarplum fairies?

Without clear success metrics, rigorous honesty and mutually agreed upon goals, innovation is just another great idea.  And, ‘awesome’ isn’t ‘awesome’ until the results are.