Cost-value graph on blackboard

Through-partner routes to market are growing exponentially yet there’s relatively little growth in the aggregate number of channel partners.

What matters then is how to achieve the best possible measurable results through this ever-evolving ecosystem.

Delivering high value at low total cost is a formula for compelling ROI at every stage.   Sounds simple enough; keeping it simple, however, is another matter.

As business models proliferate and the roles of myriad partner types within every vendor’s ecosystem change, the means to attract, grow and retain partners are changing rapidly.   Fewer and fewer channel partners rely on simply reselling manufacturer goods as their primary source of profitability.   To be effective, resellers, solution and service providers, integrators and influencers as well as the broad-line and specialty distributors all need programs tailored to the business models that drive their businesses and customized for the market segments and industry verticals they serve.

So what matters to you is likely driven by the company you’re a part of and the role you have within your Technology Vendor, Alliance or Channel Partner organization.

It starts with a vision and a strategy — then getting the right resources focused on the right tasks.  What matters most to you is what drives us and focuses our efforts.  Let us know.