businessman pushCreating a single-view of Channel Sales & Marketing effectiveness is not a simple task. Nor is tracking ‘partner-given’ vs. ‘partner-driven’ demand.  

The seismic shift in corporate buying behaviors means that prospects now get much of their information on-line well before engaging either the Vendor or the Partner. Continuing to look at Marketing and Sales as completely separate functions provides a perilous perspective. Similarly, looking at Vendor and Parter Marketing as completely independent is problematic. Measuring the influence of each is critical.   And making Partners better marketers has become a key success factor for Channel Sales Managers.   

Can Marketing and Sales Meet in the Channel?

So, how do Channel Sales and Marketing leaders get the data to drive their channel investments wisely?  

One source is deal registration.  No longer simply a tool for managing channel conflict, registering opportunities serves the critical role of tying together transactional data that can serve both Marketing and Sales appetites for real data.   While POS data is another potential rich source of data, it is the rear-view mirror perspective.   Early pipeline visibility with actionable data during the customer sales process improves vendors’ ability to help close the sale.  And it simplifies tracking ‘partner given’ (leads provided by the vendor) and ‘partner driven (demand created by partners’ sales and marketing efforts).  

Also gaining traction are a new generation of sales enablement tools.  They are quickly supplanting the traditional partner portal model of a data repository with secure access.  Interacting with the partner’s sales rep sales process rather than interrupting it, these tools deliver highly relevant content for immediate use during prospect calls or meetings.  Far more mobile friendly than traditional portal content, they also offer insight into how the customer interacts with the content.    

Channel Matters can help Vendors address the insight gaps in Channel Sales and Marketing to increase the effectiveness of your partners’ selling efforts.

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