Man Reviewing Results on TabletFor Technology Vendors

What matters most to the Technology Vendors we’ve worked with is measurable results.

Most, however, recognize that those results are outcomes derived from a clear strategy, a multitude of programmatic components that serve a multitude of constituents through myriad touch-points, a near maniacal focus on execution and predictive analytics to anticipate business impacts to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and competitive advantage

Enabling, engaging and rewarding partners programmatically ensures consistency, compliance and measurability.  Channel Matters excels at helping Technology Vendors design, develop and deploy Partner Marketing, Sales and Rewards program solutions.

We start with your channel strategy as a baseline.  If it needs an update to answer questions like how does your channel capacity align with your revenue objectives and do you have the right partners with the right skills to serve your target markets, we can help with that or work with your Channel Strategy consultants.

Our focus is on how to bring your channel strategy from the white board to the partner community.  We can work with your internal teams and suppliers to craft plans to enable, engage, recognize and reward your partners.   And we can work with you and your teams throughout the execution stage and analytics to answer the questions we cannot answer at the onset: How are we doing — what are the measurable results.