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Even in this, the ‘Age of the Customer’, Partners matter. Now, more than ever. And that’s our purpose at Channel Matters: to help emerging and mature technology companies accelerate growth by improving the effectiveness of their channel partner programs. Accelerating Through-Partner Routes to Market Today, customers are more self-directed, better informed and have radically changed the buying process. New consumption and business models are rapidly transforming the technology industry and virtually every industry or governmental entity it serves. Yet despite these trends, the role of channel partners in influencing, selling and supporting technology products & services has expanded rather than contracted. Making It Easier and More Profitable for Partners Competing for partner mindshare and market share is often predicated as much on ease of doing business as it is on product differentiation. Thus, the partner program and channel automation tools are paramount to attract, enable, engage and reward partners. Channel Matters is ready to help. We focus on accelerating our clients’ ability to identify, attract, enable, engage and motivate the best partners through programmatic solutions that promote sustainable growth and satisfied, loyal partners. Engaging Teams and Individuals to Improve Performance During more than 25 years working on channel program strategy & design, creative & technical development and operational deployment of systems & fulfillment capabilities, we have learned that what matters mo is the ability to actively engage both partner organizations and individuals. One size fits all has never worked programmatically. But one program can be designed to align the disparate needs of multiple constituents by meeting the needs of each uniquely. And channel automation can improve operational efficiency while also improving partner satisfaction, loyalty and ease of doing business. We’re ready to leverage the experience and expertise derived from working on behalf of global brands including Apple, Cisco Systems, Citrix, HP, IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, NetApp and Oracle to help you address what matters most to improve your channel partner programs. . Optimizing Channel Program Effectiveness  Whether your project is a large-scale initiative or a small pilot for proof of concept, Channel Matters can help. With a track record for innovation, creative problem solving as well as on-budget, on-time performance, we are ready to address your challenges with experience and subject matter expertise that can make the insurmountable achievable. We can assess your current program to prioritize areas for improvement.  We can then work with you to design identified enhancements or entirely new program.  And we will work with through development and implementation.  Or we can deliver a turnkey project on your behalf to design, develop and implement a channel incentive program that increases revenue and reduces operational complexities. Let us know what matters to you and we’ll get started.

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